We are firm believers and crusaders of animal welfare. We have forged links with many animal welfare organisations and charities. At the top of our list is the growing number of organisations who work relentlessly to publicise and protect the dogs at the mercy of the dog meat trade such as Fight Dog Meat, Guardians of Chinese Animal Welfare, Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue (VAAR), Stop Yulin Forever and SOI Dog.

Each year we pledge to donate a percentage of our profits to one of our favoured charities. This year we are donating to Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue VAAR who operate the only clinic in central Vietnam that uses anaesthetic for open surgery and drugs for pain relief. (

We also support Fight Dog Meat to heighten awareness surrounding the dog meat trade, not just in Asia but also in Africa.

We believe in helping fund activists at the very heart of rescue operations is essential and not boycotting countries in which these awful animal welfare issues occur and helping the push towards animal welfare legislation around the world.

For more information about the work of the one of our favoured charities please refer to the websites/Facebook pages;




A message from one of our beneficiaries.

Thanks so much for your generous donation! We are so grateful to have your help this month. You can’t imagine what a difference it makes for the animals in Vietnam
It has been an absolutely wild ride trying to get the clinic up and running again as we finally took the plunge into staffing the clinic with a full time manager instead of having the constant interruptions of volunteers coming and going once a month. In the middle of the great excitement for the reopening of the clinic, we are now forced to deal with a cut off in the supply of our sedation meds! Oh, Vietnam. Such a beautiful place with such incredible challenges. We are working through it and getting ready to push forward on our month long FREE Cat Spay-a-thon as soon as the sedation arrives. Until then, we’ve still got 60 rescues running around our shelter who need homes and we are going to do our best to keep them happy, healthy, and loved until we find those forever families.
HUGE thanks again. All the rescues appreciate your help in keeping us going!

Best Regards,
Cat Besch